Alerta de fraude

Alert of fraud

Agencies and persons that don't work with Selection Partners or Princess


    • Open Seas - Camila Baum (Brazil)


    • Work at Sea - Veronica Mezquita (Brazil)


    • Seamans work - Lais Pingret (Brazil)


    • Armando Castañeda - (Colombia)


    • Mrs. Ellis C. ClarK / Mrs. Veronica Fletcher


    • Pincess Cruise Line [Sydney 2070, NSW Australia] - Princess Cruise Line Australia | Mail: / /


    • CHUN PETER MARK - Nicaragua


    • Upreti Rashmi: says that she is a captain of Princess and offers a job if you pay a fee to be registered


    • CECETH - Brazil







    • Hames Jelassi: asking candidates to pay $509 for registration fee and to fill out 2 forms




    • Mr. Sayed Abid as Hiring Manager in Santa Clarita


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